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10:00 AM


Opening Ceremony


10:30 AM

STEAM: Live Music – Songs About Science

11:00 AM

Make your own aircraft

11:30 AM

Interactive Live sessions presented by the students

12:00 PM

Life Sciences and devices a fun workshop

12:30 PM

Laureate, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1993

12:40 PM

Kids & Landscape

1:00 PM

Innovation Nights /
Innovation Women

Public Speaking: The Game-changer for Women in STEM

1:30 PM

Citizen Science and Precision Medicine

2:00 PM

Stories of the Earth

2:30 PM

Launching or Starting your STEM Business

2:40 PM

Tips to learn the basics to program a Robot

2:50 PM

South Shore Science Festival Team

Raffle and Closure